Posh & Gentry


The word means rich, aristocratic, wealthy, loaded, fancy, toff, toffee nosed, upper crust, stylish, well off, or well to do. The origin of this word actually derives from an old Romany Gypsy slang word for pennies.


In Britain, the term is applied to individuals who belong to the Upper class. Gentry can also describe a person who is: awesome, cool, fun.

Who are we?

Hello! Posh and Gentry is an exclusive small company dedicated to provide customers the best quality of custom made products. We also share our pre designed products that are minimalist in design to provide every customer comfort and style.

We also work with people who would like to personalize products (shirts, hoodies, novelty, accessories etc).

We pride ourselves of providing our customers with premium products that compliments their style without breaking the bank!

Be Posh, Be Gentry